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Restoring Hand

  • Intramedullary Fixation of Hand Fractures and Arthrodeses

    Hassan K, Blumenthal S, Jehle CC, Sobel AD

  • Peripheral nerve repair throughout the body with processed nerve allografts: Results from a large multicenter study.

    Bauback Safa, Sonu A. Jain, Mihir J. Desai, Jeffrey A. Greenberg, Timothy R. Niacaris, Jason A. Nydick, Fraser J. Leversedge, David M. Megee, Jozef Zoldos, Brian D. Rinker, Desirae M. McKee, Brendan J. MacKay, John V. Ingari, Leon J. Nesti, Mickey S. Cho, Ian L. Valerio, Dennis S. Kao, Yasser El-Sheikh, Renata V. Weber, Jaimie T. Shores, Joseph F. Styron, Wesley P. Thayer, Wojciech H. Przylecki, Harry A. Hoyen, Gregory M. Buncke

  • Tissue engineering: bridging the gap between replantation and composite tissue allografts.

    David M. Megee, Nada N Berry, Robert C. Russell, Michael W. Neumeister

  • Mandible Fractures Undergoing Transfer Rarely Require Acute Intervention.

    Crozier, J., McIntire, D., Spake, C., Jehle, C., Basta, M., Woo, A.

  • Using 3D Printing and Mirror Image Modeling in Orbital Floor Reconstruction.

    Ronald K. Akiki, Charles C. Jehle, Joseph W. Crozier, Albert S. Woo

  • Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery Crowdfunding and Access to Care.

    Ronald K Akiki, Charles Jehle, Joseph Crozier, Albert S Woo

  • Underdiagnosis of Nasoorbitoethmoid Fractures in Patients with Zygoma Injury.

    Nicholas J Nissen, Zachary I Okhah, Marten N Basta, Sun Hsieh, Joseph W Crozier, Charles C Jehle, Vinay Rao, Albert S Woo

  • Underdiagnosis of Nasoorbitoethmoid Fractures in Patients with Zygoma Injury.

    Nissen, N. J., Okhah, Z. I., Basta, M. N., Hsieh, S., Crozier, J. W., Jehle, C. C., Rao, V., Woo, A. S.

  • Improved Diagnostic Accuracy of Periprosthetic Breast Infection: Novel Application of the Alpha Defensin-1 Biomarker.

    Marten N. Basta, Paul Y. Liu, Daniel Kwan, Karl H. Breuing, Rachel Sullivan, Charles C. Jehle, Jonathan L. Bass, Richard J. Zienowicz, Scott Schmidt

  • The Economic Impact of Flexor Tendon Lacerations of the Hand in the United States.

    Raman Mehrzad, Vikram Mookerjee, Scott Schmidt, Charles C Jehle, Elizabeth Kiwanuka, Paul Y Liu

  • Gangrenous cholecystitis: A silent but potential fatal disease in patients with diabetic neuropathy. A case report.

    Melorin Mehrzad, Charles C. Jehle, Lauren O. Roussel, Raman Mehrzad

  • The Use of a Magnetic Port Finder in the Retrieval of Air Rifle BBs to the Upper Extremity.

    Elizabeth Kiwanuka, Sun Hsieh, Lauren O. Roussel, Charles C. Jehle, Raman Mehrzad, Scott Schmidt

  • The use of Synthes MatrixWAVE bone anchored arch bars for closed treatment of multiple concurrent mandibular fractures

    Elizabeth Kiwanuka, Rajiv J. Iyengar, Charles C. Jehle, Raman Mehrzad, Daniel Kwan

  • The Rapidly Increasing Trend of Cannabis Use in Burn Injury

    Charles Christopher Jehle, Niaman Nazir, Dhaval Bhavsar

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